Facebook Hack Features

Below you can see some of the features our hack has, those are only few of them not all of them!


Our hack is 100% safe, we use several proxies connection and virtual private networks in order to keep your identity safe and anonymous!

Easy to use

We designed it in such way to be 100% any device friendly and user friendly. So you don't have to own any skills as programming knowledge or hacking knowledge.


We use several virtual private servers in order to make the hacking process extremely fast, a hacking process should not take longer than 5 minutes!

Hack Facebook Hack Facebook

You don't have to do much in order to successfully hack a facebook account, you just need your victim profile url and to push a few buttons and pretty much that's it, and obviously you need to have a little patience for the hacking process to finish his job! You can use the facebook hack online, science is everything web based so no downloads are required to your device, no matter if you are on a mobile device or on a computer you can still use it online, the very single thing you have to download is the password, since is a auto generated text document!

Facebook Account Hacker Facebook Account Hacker

With this tool you can hack any facebook account in the world, except just some cases. The highly protected accounts which use passwords longer than 20 characters, in this case we may not be able to crack that password! In this case you can contact us anytime via our contact form or sending us an email we can take care of your victim account personally with no automatic processes, we gonna bruteforce it manually with our application!

How to hack a facebook passwordHow to hack a facebook password

How to hack a facebook password? You want to learn and apply right now? Well it was never been easier before to do that than now! You don't need to download any software or anything else in your computer, you can apply online directly from your browser. Doesn't matter what browser or device. Our system is compatible and responsive for any device! Some of you frequently asked us via email if we gonna launch a downloadable version of the facebook hacker, soon a downloadable hack will be available!


When comes to limits, well we have absolutely no limits you can use our service as many times you need it! As long you are not abusing of it you can use it endless! What abusing means for us? Do not try to automize or clone a hack based on our technology, trying to use iframe or cloning methods to make a site like this based on our technology.

Url FormatUrl Format

Are you wondering how the url format for the facebook victim profile should look? We have two types of url formats, one of them and the most popular one is (http://facebook.com/victim.name) and the second one is (http://facebook.com/profile.php?id=ID) This is the way you should submit a hack request, never add in the input a format like (Name Name) if you do so we not gonna be able to identify your request!

Compatible DevicesCompatible Devices

Our site was developed and designed in such way to be responsive and compatible with any devices, any mobile device, tablet or computer, we can assure whatever what device you use you will have a perfect experience. We highly recommend to be patience if you are using a mobile right now, mobiles devices hacking process take a little bit longer comparing to computer experience, so a process on a mobile may take up to 7-8 minutes!